Mission Statement



The Southern Districts Football Club, it’s Players, Management, Volunteers and Supporters guarantee to accept the responsibility of heading the club in a direction that enables us to obtain our rightful place in football history.As a community based group our aim is to create strong club traditions, which are built on honest and absolute efforts both on and off the field of play. Whether we win or lose our endeavours will be second to none and our qualities will remain steadfast and true to the game.  We continually aspire to be positive role models for our region and the game itself.

Our success will be measured by Premierships, Development of our Youth, Development of our Leaders, Expansion and Improvement of our Facilities, and on our Ability to retain Long Term Sponsors.

We are one club, with one dream, our commitment is not only to each other but also to our community, both on and off the field we follow the direction of understanding our purpose and role, what we stand for, what we want to achieve and what we want to work towards.

Our values are built on positive beliefs and behaviours that adhere to RESPECT for the club, its partners, the community we represent and each other.  We work towards PRECISION in every facet of the organisation.  Aim to be COURAGEOUS, through creativity and the development of character.  Remain CONFIDENT in our ambitions and aptitudes.  Ensure that we establish UNITY through inclusion and accept COMMERCIAL requirements are a necessity however, should always be carefully considered.