Junior Playing Policy


It is a declared policy of the Southern Districts Football Club that all under age players are required to play in their legitimate age group, as determined by their age, in accordance with the NTFL By-Laws.

The following considerations apply;

a) A junior player chosen to play League football for SDFC, that is eligible as per the NTFL By-Laws.

b) A junior player who is fulfilling their obligations at their age group level and wishes to play up an age level and is able to qualify for that age group under the NTFL By-Laws.

In addition to the above;

c) Applications for dispensation can be applied for either;

d) Under the NTFL By-Laws for players wishing to play down an age group

e) Or through special circumstances to move up an age group based on the articipants ability:

a. which is supported in written form by current state level coach + current AFLNT Talent Identification Manager

b. and supporting the basis that the participant is and/or will fail to be challenged within their assigned age group.

No junior player that plays up an age level, within the underage NTFL competition, can be placed into that side at the expense of a player who is eligible for the age group in question.