Life Membership Nomination Form

Please find below criteria for SDFC Life Membership. If you wish to nominate someone please download the Nomination Form Below. You will need Acrobat Reader


The committee may grant life membership to the following;

a)         Any player who has played at least one hundred and fifty (150) league club games

b)         Any member who has given at least ten (10) years outstanding service to the club in consecutive year, providing said member has been nominated and seconded in writing by two (2) financial members of the club.

c)         The committee may revoke a Life Membership if a Life Member has been judged to have brought disrepute to the club or acted in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the club.

d)         Life Membership can only be revoked by a two-third majority agreement of the full committee

e)         No More than two (2) Life Memberships for outstanding service may be granted each year.

f)          Nominations for Life Membership are to be presented to the Club secretary at least 30 days prior to the Annual General meeting.



 Life Membership Nomination Form1.pdf