Social Media Policy

Policy Document - Social Media Policy

Purpose - This document is intended as a set of Rules governing Social Media usage and as such is a Policy Document of the Board of the Southern Districts Football Club (Inc).

Rationale - As a part of the Southern Districts Football Clubs risk management process, The Club is required to establish a social media policy. The Southern Districts Football Club recognises the importance of social media as a tool for engaging its supporter base. This policy is designed to protect the interests and reputation of the Southern Districts Football Club, the AFLNT and its stakeholders by ensuring directors, administrators, football department staff and players are equipped with the requisite knowledge and skills to appropriately use social media. The Southern Districts Football Club Social Media Policy includes, but is not limited to, the use of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, websites and any other public online forum. This policy applies to full time staff, part time staff, casual staff, players, directors, contractors and volunteers. The Club is not seeking to restrict your use of social media but to create clear lines between private and Club material and set guidelines where material relates to the Club.

General Guidelines - Social Media should not be used for the posting or exchanging of information that has the potential to embarrass or bring the Southern Districts Football Club or its related parties into disrepute. Social Media should not be used for communicating confidential or competitively/commercially sensitive information without express permission of the Southern Districts Football Club.

General Advice - Use common sense and good judgment - your statements could have an impact on you and the Southern Districts Football Club’s reputation. Remember that what you post or publish will become public information. If you would not say something to a member of the media, do not publish it on any form of social media. You are accountable for your actions and what you communicate via social media.

Non compliance - SDFC will continue to monitor the use of its information technology system to ensure compliance with this policy. Players, members or associates who fail to comply with this policy may be the subject of disciplinary action including termination of employment. It is the expectation of SDFC that employees, contractors and volunteers will promptly advise the management of any facts or circumstances which may suggest a breach of the policy. This may include taking prompt action to remove the offending material if possible. Volunteers should also be aware that the inappropriate or unlawful use of social media may expose the volunteer to personal legal liability. SDFC will not be in held liable for the acts and omissions of volunteers in breach of this policy. In circumstances where a volunteer fails to comply with this policy, he or she may be asked to discontinue their association with SDFC."

Policy Review - The policy will be reviewed three months after its introduction and then on an annual basis thereafter. This will ensure that the policy remains current and practical.

 SDFC Social Media Policy