NTFL Umpires Needed Now


Play one day, Umpire the next!

Are you looking for a new challenge?

Want to have fun?

Want to get paid to keep fit?

Want to develop confidence and leadership skills?

Want to contribute to the game you love?


“Umpiring is for ANYONE” 13+ years old, it doesn’t matter if your male or female, super fit or you haven’t had a jog in 20 years, love AFL or just want to learn something new!

AFLNT Umpiring Department  is currently looking for ex-players and current players (especially adult men and women and u18 players) to umpire the opposite day to their playing day.

We want everyone to enjoy playing NTFL as long as they can, but why not earn some money $$$ at the same time and give back to our great game.

  • Umpiring is a great way to enjoy the game, keep fit and gain a better understanding of the current  laws and interpretations.
  • Umpiring develops players confidence and leadership which contributes to players improved performance on field (Steven May from the Gold Coast Sun is a former junior green shirt field umpire)
  • For those players willing to umpire on the opposite day to their playing day’s, they will not be expected to train both nights with the umpiring group, but would be required to attend a minimum once a fortnight SKILLS training session (Monday’s- Boundary & Goals) (Wednesday- field) to help work on their respective discipline of umpiring.
  • Free uniforms and training, NTFL Season Pass (Will be handed out after 4 weeks) also NTFLUA benefits such as discounts through our major NT Umpiring Sponsors.

Click on "NTFL Umpiring Introduction Booklet” to download a booklet which has a lot more information about umpiring.

If you are interested please contact Brodie for more information,

Brodie.rayner@aflnt.com.au or 8989 4824