Matt Cannard Retires


Club Great Career Ends

Premier League Captain Matt Cannard has announced his retirement. After a stellar career with the Crocs, the announcement was made in a emotional speech by Coach Shannon Rusca in the change rooms before the game today. Matt’s Dad and Mum had travelled to Darwin to surprise Matt and to watch his last game. Matt’s Dad spoke to the players and many of the 2006/07 premiership team players were in the change room as well.

When Matt Cannard arrived at the SDFC eleven seasons ago the club was just starting to rebuild. The League side played very well in the 2005/06 season but finished wooden spooners. Turn the clock forward  just over a decade later and since that season the club has only missed the finals once and the League side has won its second Grand Final Premiership and three Minor Premierships. The team has played in five Pre Lim Finals to unfortunately make only one Grand Final.

Matt has been a big part of the League teams resurgence in the NTFL. He has won a Nichols Medal to prove he is a great player of the NTFL and for the Crocs he has won Best and Fairests, Runner Up Best and Fairests and Players Player awards, and for most of that career he has been the Captain of the League side.

He has now stepped up and starting coaching, coaching the Under 18s for the last two seasons and under his leadership they are playing very well also.

Well done to Matt Cannard on a great Career with the Crocs..

Would like to thank everyone for the kind words an support over the last couple of days, on Saturday I decided to hang up the boots and retire from footy, probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to do but the right choice for my body, thank you to my wife for your support over the years and my beautiful 3 kids who I had the chance to run out onto the ground with them a memory I will never forget, I owe a lot to this great game that has given me everything that I have today, to the Southern District Footy Club I will be forever great full of the memories and friendships that are life long, I look forward to the next chapter that life will offer.

Matt Cannard

SDFC League Games - 260

Captain Premier League 2009 - 2016

Named Captain in the SDFC Team Of the Quarter Century 1987/88 - 1012/13

SDFC & NTFL Player Life Member

2009/10 - NTFL Nichols Medal

2005/06 - SDFC Best & Fairest & Most Courageous
2006/07 - SDFC Coahes Award & Most Courageous
2007/08 - SDFC Best Team Man & Players Player
2008/09 - SDFC Best & Fairest & Players Player
2009/10 - SDFC R/U Best & Fairest & Players Player
2010/11 - SDFC R/U Best & Fairest * & Leading G/Kicker
2011/12 - SDFC R/U Best & Fairest
2012/13 - SDFC Players Player
2013/14 - SDFC Players Player

* Shared R/U with Ben Ah Matt

2007/08 Co/Coach U/18s Premeirship with Andrew Hodges

Current U/18s boys Coach