Coolalinga Central

GWELO have been involved with the SDFC in the past and it is exciting they are again involved with the SDFC through Coolalinga Central. Please have a read of the breif description below and visit the website about this very exciting project for the rural area.

Gwelo’s latest commercial project has commenced on the eastern side of the Stuart Highway and will cater for the rapidly expanding rural area and southern suburbs of Palmerston. Further, for those that want to get out of the Darwin suburbs they can try Coolalinga and experience a new and modern shopping complex.

The project involves a shopping centre, a commercial showroom complex, a residential subdivision with 800 sqm residential blocks and a number of blocks for townhouses,duplexes and multi-residential units. The earthmoving and civil works were completed in 2013. There are a few multiresidential building lots available for sale.

GWELO Coolalinga Central Project